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scam tirevideo

Car Tire Scam Could Cost You Your Life

Attention drivers! New scam is circling around and it could cost you your life. There were always scammers on used items markets and one should always be aware of the risk when buying used...

Fantastic Driveway System

When you think of a farm, you probably think of a place where people live off the land. Where the animals roam free and there are acres upon acres of landing stretching out...

Restore Your Headlights Using Toothpaste

We'll all agree - headlights are very important part of every vehicle that's supposed to be on a road during night. And if your car is old with classic car lights, they probably are...

Epic Parking Win

This must be the most epic parking video I've ever watched! Did you know there are more than 1.2 billion cars out there on the roads all around the world? It's no surprise we're spending so...

The Real Difference Between Drunk Driving And Distracted Driving

Imagine this - you get into a cab, and as soon as your drive starts you see your driver casually drinking. And there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop him. A nightmare! This scenario...
Sphere Tiresvideo

Goodyear’s Sphere Tires Might Change Everything

Oh my gosh! This is something you just have to see! After wheels being the same all the way from stone age, Goodyear decided it's finally time to ditch the concept of wheels...
Luxury Hotelvideo

Wonderful Luxury Hotel On Wheels

If you have some extra cash you're planning to spend on upgrading your road trip experience, this one is for you. The new 35ft long Morelo Empire Liner is not just any motorhome, it's...

Fast And Furious Nerd SHOCKS Instructors!

If you're in the mood to laugh out loud, this is a good place to be. These instructors will make you laugh out loud! One driving school thought it would be funny to welcome...

Defog Your Windows With This Simple Trick

If you still don't know how to defog your car fast, check out this video. It's really simple and will make your winter drives so much easier. Winter driving is never fun. If it's...

Lock Your Car In Florida To Get A Movie Ticket

A way to get a free movie ticket? Very simple. Lock your Car. According to FBI reports, one vehicle is stolen every 46 seconds. When you finish watching the video, at least two another...


Car Wash Fail Will Show You A Valuable Lesson

Washing your car during summer heats is more than pleasing task and many car owners choose to wash their cars on their own instead...