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Kenguru – The First Electric Car For Wheelchair Users

Meet Kenguru, one very special car that deserves the world's attention. Kenguru maybe looks a bit strange at first, but this car may change the future for wheelchair users. Most of the vehicles adjusted for...

The Real Difference Between Drunk Driving And Distracted Driving

Imagine this - you get into a cab, and as soon as your drive starts you see your driver casually drinking. And there's absolutely nothing you can do to stop him. A nightmare! This scenario...

Defog Your Windows With This Simple Trick

If you still don't know how to defog your car fast, check out this video. It's really simple and will make your winter drives so much easier. Winter driving is never fun. If it's...
Fire Extinguishervideo

How To Install A Fire Extinguisher In Your Car

Fire extinguishers are something every car should have even when the law doesn't say that. They're small and they're not too expensive, especially when you compare it to the cost of not having one in case...
Tesla chargervideo

Tesla Charger Prototype Is Something You Have To See

This Tesla charger may give us a glimpse of how cool and awesome the future will become. Seeing where automotive industry is going in this century is absolutely stunning experience. More and more electric...

This Toyota Has The Best Wheels Ever

English inventor Matthew Liddiard has created a set of tires that allows any driver in any car to rotate their vehicle 360 degrees and move in all direction (even sideways). You’re going to be...

Fast And Furious Nerd SHOCKS Instructors!

If you're in the mood to laugh out loud, this is a good place to be. These instructors will make you laugh out loud! One driving school thought it would be funny to welcome...

Unlock Your Car In 10 Seconds

What would you do if you locked your car with the keys left inside? If you want to unlock your car, there is always an easy way to do it. Locking keys in a...

Subaru Stolen Out of Driveway, Next Morning It’s Returned With This Note In It

Sometimes, the strangest things happen. Like in this story, which sounds more like a scene from a clip of “World’s Dumbest Criminals” than real life. Erin Hatzi from Portland called the police and reported...

Why You Should Never Own A Black Car

Here's one reason why you need to think twice before purchasing a black car. We all know that darker colors absorb more heat than lighter ones. But does that really make a big difference...


Wonderful Luxury Hotel On Wheels

If you have some extra cash you're planning to spend on upgrading your road trip experience, this one is for you. The new 35ft long...