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rush hourvideo

Rush Hour Traffic Condensed In One Minute

A rush hour is the least of the things you want to be a part of. Waiting on the road trapped in your own car just can't be fun. Add annoyed drivers, rude drivers,...
Car Hacksvideo

These Car Hacks Will Make Life So Much Easier

When our cars act up, the last thing we want to do is head to our mechanic or auto parts store. While they’ve got all the tools necessary to get the job done...

The Ultimate US Road Trip

Have you ever dreamed about taking a year off and going for an epic road trip? Well, get your trip buddies together and watch this. Discovery News and Randy Olson, a doctoral candidate at Michigan State University,...
Fanciest Busvideo

Fanciest Bus You’ll Ever See

This vehicle might be the fanciest bus ever. It looks wonderful from the outside and its interior is.. just wow! Oh.My.Gosh. If this was mine, I would not only use it for driving, I would...
texas barn findvideo

Texas Story Is Every Guy’s Dream

Imagine that you somehow became an owner of an old barn that hasn’t been opened in decades. Those barns can hide quite a lot of amazing things. Then, once you open the doors, you find...
bumper dentvideo

Fixing A Bumper Dent With Boiling Water

I think it's safe to say we all care, maybe even a bit too much, about our cars. They are our precious possessions and it would be just awesome if they could always...
tea bagsvideo

DIY Tea Bags Deodorizers Are Amazing

Tea time is practiced religiously across the whole world. Some people drink tea instead of coffee, some use it to improve their health, some others are using it for relaxation after a hard...
Strangest Vehiclesvideo

The Strangest Vehicles Ever Made

Even if you think you've seen it all, this list of strangest vehicles will prove you wrong. Car industry has spoiled us. You don't have to agree with me, but that's the fact. We are...
walmart dogvideo

Dogs Accidentally Crash Their Owner’s Car Into Walmart

With all of the stories on the news today, I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t a good idea to leave anyone in the car. Even if it’s just for a...
Volvo Lifepaintvideo

Volvo Lifepaint Is The Best Invention Ever

Volvo Lifepaint will definitely save your day! Bikes are known as best possible transportation option ever. They're eco friendly, small and allow you to avoid rush hours and terrible traffic jams. Also, biking is an excellent...


These Are Some Of The Most Insane Traffic Jams In The...

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